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    Domestic deity-in-training, writing from the nation's Capital area. That's CA-P-I-T-A-L. With an A, dammit!
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musique chaud

  • Animal Collective -

    Animal Collective: Sung Tongs
    The album Sung Tongs is such an artistic endeavor in indie music. Their music is something you would expect from someone who smoked something funny while making love in a zoo at Christmas. Pure fun and kitties. (*****)

  • Jarvis Cocker -

    Jarvis Cocker: Jarvis
    Oh, its finally here. Undying joy. This album is marvellous, I just cannot get enough of that man's voice... (****)

  • Joy Division -

    Joy Division: Permanent Joy Division 1995
    As I clearly state in my blog. I LOVE JOY DIVISION. Clear and simple. This album in particular captures the haunting sounds of an emotionally condemned man in ways I could never imagine. (*****)

  • Original Soundtrack -

    Original Soundtrack: Shortbus
    I can say this goes on my list of best soundtracks of the past however many years. All the songs flow along in the album and they take you back to the points in the movie, which is rare in a lot of soundtracks. (*****)

  • Blonde Redhead: Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons
    Possibly my favorite album this month. Its a lot like what Thievery Corporation did with their Lebanese Blonde EP but less cultural and more cafe-esque/reggae. Gorgeous album. (****)
  • Hella -

    Hella: Hold Your Horse Is
    Obscurity. Guitar Solos. What could be better? (***)

  • Robot Ate Me -

    Robot Ate Me: Carousel Waltz
    This reminds me of going to a boardwalk on the ocean with all the funfairs. Truly a west coast hipster band. It's a lot like the band Of Montreal...almost mistakeable for them. (****)

  • The Microphones -

    The Microphones: Mount Eerie
    This is such a surreal/beautiful album which made my wishlist. It makes me think of Night of the Living Dead mixed with sounds of the ocean. Gorgeous. (****)

  • The Crystal Skulls -

    The Crystal Skulls: Blocked Numbers
    I just bought this from, to ease the pain of waiting for the post i keep listening to samples from iTunes. I love it. (*****)

  • The Rapture -

    The Rapture: Pieces of the People We Love
    Since when could Indie kids dance? (***)

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